(2005) Rising Star Honoree

  • The United States took a strong initiative on hunting down athletes involved in the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative steroids scandal and FIFA'S scandal. Now, it is time the (USADA) United States Anti-Doping Agency cracks down on doping and enforcing hard consequences.  AMEC's 2005 Rising Star: Travis Tygart and CEO of the (USADA) stated that, "American athletes have been demanding that the anti-doping agency find ways to better protect clean athletes in the future so the Russian doping debacle is never repeated." READ ARTICLE.​ 
  • The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) has cleared three Brazilian UFC athletes to resume their respective careers, after linking multiple failed drug tests to a pair of compounding pharmacies in Brazil.
    "We appreciate the cooperation of the athletes and international authorities in getting to the bottom of this situation, as it will hopefully prevent these problems from occurring in the future," said USADA CEO and AMEC’s honoree, 
    Travis Tygart.​ READ ARTICLE.

Chief Executive Officer 

New York Times
"Could U.S. Law Help Punish Russians for Doping Scheme?"

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"USADA Explains Efforts to 'Shut Off' Supplement Contamination C ases, Go After SARMs"

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"Junior Dos Santos and Two Others Cleared After USADA Investigation"

travis tygart
  • "One of USADA's most difficult jobs while running the UFC's anti-doping program has been separating truth from fiction in supplement contamination cases. Since the program's inception in 2015, several athletes accused of anti-doping violations have claimed they unknowingly took products that contained banned performance-enhancers." AMEC honoree & CEO of USADA, Travis Tygart says, "We think we have a great solution to ensuring SARMs are no longer available on the market and as supplements, and that would shut off contamination issues - or that's our hope." READ ARTICLE.