• USA Baseball and Major League Baseball come together to give girls and young women more opportunities to play baseball, rather than just softball. “Women playing baseball is an important part of our sport’s history. That legacy is also significant to the game’s present and future. We are proud to work alongside USA Baseball in creating events that raise the profile of girls and women baseball. We are committed to ensuring that any young woman who chooses to play baseball, particularly through our RBI programs and MLB Youth Academies, will have the opportunity to do so.” Says Robert ManfredREAD ARTICLE.
  • “MLB will salute 30 Medal of Honor recipients prior to the 2018 MLB All-Star Game presented by Mastercard, 7:30PM tonight on Fox News. AMEC honoree & MLB commissioner, Robert Manfred also shares kind words towards these individuals, “As the national pastime in the nation’s capital, Major League Baseball is proud to celebrate these heroes who demonstrated bravery and selflessness in serving and protecting the United States of America."  READ ARTICLE.
  • “Just one day before the first pitch flies at the Major League Baseball (MLB) All-Star Game at Nationals Park in Washington, DC, MLB Commissioner Robert D. Manfred, Jr., the 10th Commissioner in the history of the league, will appear at a National Press Club Headliners Luncheon on July 16 to discuss the state of America's game.”  (Cision)  READ ARTICLE.

Tampa Bay Times
"MLB’s Manfred Likes Ybor Site, Says Business Community Must Step Up To Get Rays Stadium Built"

  • MLB baseball commissioner and AMEC honoree,  Robert Manfred is excited to have the 2018 All Star Tour in Tokyo, Japan. “The renewal of the All-Star Tour gives MLB and Nippon Professional Baseball an outstanding opportunity to continue a longstanding tradition that showcases the best of our game for our many fans across Japan, as well as build up excitement for the 2019 Opening Series between the Seattle Mariners and Oakland Athletics. The city of Tokyo offers a terrific backdrop for the Opening Series, and we look forward to once again bringing Major League games to the Japanese fans as we celebrate our shared love of Baseball.” READ ARTICLE.
  • Major League Baseball Commissioner Robert Manfred who is also AMEC's 2008 Labor & Employment Counsel Honoree, will now meet three times a year with the league's 30 owners as opposed to four. Decision was made based on feedback from the league's 30 owners. Meetings will be generally held in February, June and November. Not all critical business matters will require face-to-face meetings of the owners and leadership at the Commissioner's Office including Rob Manfred. In some cases, conference calls will be conducted. READ ARTICLE.

(2008) Labor & Employment Counsel Honoree

SB Nation
"MLB Announces New Camps Aimed at Boosting Girls’ Youth Baseball"

"MLB All-Star Pre-Game Ceremony to Pay Tribute to Medal of Honor Recipients in Washington, D.C."

National Law Review
"Supreme Court Strikes Down Law Banning States from Legalizing Sports Gambling"

  • AMEC's 2008 Labor and Employment Counsel, & @MLB's League Commissioner mentions Tampa's business communities need to be a bit more efficient before being funded for the Ray's new baseball stadium. READ ARTICLE.

(Photo: The New York Times)

Old Diversity Refrain Resurfaces: ‘There’s More We Can Do’

Penn Live
"Pirates-Cubs to play in 2019 MLB Little League Classic at Williamsport's Bowman Field"

Yahoo Sports
"Robert Manfred Says New Pace-Of-Play Rules Are Coming In 2018"

  • Major League Baseball Commissioner, Robert Manfred said the league “is realistic” and doesn’t oppose sports betting in West Virginia, but doesn’t approve of the specific legislation, calling it “fundamentally flawed”. He points out several flaws in the legislation and says MLB has lobbyists in Charlestown who will try to convince Gov. Jim Justice of said flaws in hopes that they convince him to veto the measure.  READ ARTICLE.
  • The New York Yankees & Boston Red Rox will play at the first Major League Baseball games in Europe. The two games will be held on June 29 & June 30 at the London Stadium. "Major League Baseball is excited to be bringing one of the most storied rivalries in sports to the passionate fans of London," said MLB commissioner, Robert Manfred.“In our ongoing efforts to grow baseball, there is nothing as impactful as bringing live games and our talented players to fans. This is our most significant endeavor ever in Europe and we look forward to showcasing Major League Baseball in one of the world's great cities."  READ ARTICLE.

Deadline Hollywood
"Hollywood Child Protection Act Ignored; Here’s Why It Is Important"

"MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred will speak at National Press Club Headliners Luncheon ahead of MLB All-Star Game, July 16"


  • On the topic of the supreme court legalizing gambling on sports in states other than Nevada, Robert Manfred says “[The MLB is] not opposed to the idea of West Virginia passing a sports betting bill ... We’d just like them to pass one that creates a framework that protects the integrity, recognizes the variety of interests at play here and quite frankly puts the state in a position to maximize the revenue return from it.”  READ ARTICLE.

The Intelligencer
"Major League Baseball Urges Veto of Sports Betting Bill"

  • Pittsburgh Pirates & Chicago Cubs to play in 2019 MLB Little League Classic at Williamsport's Bowman Field! AMEC honoree & MLB commissioner shares his thoughts on the game, "The MLB Little League Classic has been a fun summer highlight for baseball the past two years. We are thrilled to give both the major league players and the Little Leaguers another opportunity in 2019 to have the direct personal interaction that strengthens and inspires a lifelong passion for the game."  READ ARTICLE.
  • There will be a new rule for Major League Baseball (MLB) which will be publicized before Spring Training exhibition games. "The No. 1 issue that our fans identify (with) respect to our great game is length of the game and the pace of the game." said Robert Manfred , AMEC'S 2008 Labor and Employment Counsel, & MLB's League Commissioner.  READ ARTICLE.​ 

Ball Park Digest
"MLB Announces Japan All-Star Tour, 2019 Season Opener"

  • AMEC honoree & Major League Baseball's Commissioner, Robert Manfred was in town last week as part of the Minnesota Twins' “Diversity Week.” and went over improvement of MLB's diversity, "We are also working very hard to reach the fans, the audiences, in ways that we have not reached out [in the past]. We are hoping that the combination of things will produce greater diversity"  READ ARTICLE.

Yahoo Sports
"Yankees, Red Sox to Clash in London in 2019"

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