• AMEC honoree & ASCAP CEO, Elizabeth Matthews releases statements on Music Modernization Act, Today's unanimous passage of the Music Modernization Act in the Senate represents a Herculean industry-wide effort to promote and celebrate songwriters and ensure their right to a sustainable livelihood. We applaud Senators Hatch, Alexander, Grassley, Feinstein, Whitehouse, Coons and the entire Senate for recognizing the value music has in both society and our hearts." READ ARTICLE. 

  • ASCAP CEO and AMEC's 2008 Technology & New Media Entertainment Counsel Honoree  Elizabeth Matthews is one of five women being honored at the sixth annual women of influence awards, which benefits cancer research. READ ARTICLE.

"Music Modernization Act Introduced in Congress With Bipartisan Support"

  • "Congress is weighing the Music Modernization Act, a piece of legislation that has garnered overwhelming support for its potential to update rules that haven't been refreshed, or even considered for change, in decades." (Rolling Stones) AMEC Honoree and ASCAP CEO, Elizabeth Matthews shares her thoughts on the importance of this act for the music industry, "This legislation is critical to ensuring songwriters have a pathway to fair compensation so they can sustain their livelihoods and create the next great songs." READ ARTICLE.

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"Congress is Giving Musicians First Chance of Fair Pay in Decades"

  • In a statement, AMEC's 2008 Technology & New Media Entertainment Counsel Honoree and ASCAP CEO Elizabeth Matthews added, “Today’s reintroduction of the Music Modernization Act signals we are one step closer to reforming our outdated music licensing system and providing songwriters a better future. We thank Chairman Goodlatte, Ranking Member Nadler and Reps. Collins and Jeffries for their leadership and keeping America’s songwriters a priority." READ ARTICLE.​ 

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  • AMEC honoree and CEO of ASCAP, Elizabeth Matthews makes a statement on the Music Modernization Act Senate Judiciary Committee Passage, "“While there is still more work to be done to create a fair environment for song
    writers in the digital age, we hope the Senate will move swiftly to pass a version of this bill that preserves 
    the much-needed benefits for music creators.” 

"ASCAP Distributes $1 Billion to Members for the First Time"

"Music Modernization Act Introduced In U.S. Senate After Passing House of Representatives"

"Recording Academy Announces Members of Task Force for Female Advancement"

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"The T.J. Martell Foundation Honors Five Extraordinary Women At The 6th Annual Women Of Influence Awards In New York"

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"ASCAP Releases A Statement on the Music Modernization Act Senate Judiciary Committee Passage"

  • "Tina Tchen, chair of the Recording Academy's newly formed task force on diversity and inclusion, announced the names of the 16 members joining her in examining barriers and biases affecting women and other underrepresented voices in the music industry and, specifically, the Recording Academy, according to an announcement from the organization." The low representation of women in the Grammy's last year concluded a need for change. AMEC Honoree and ASCAP chief executive officer, Elizabeth Matthews is a part of this powerful group to represent the women in the music industry. . READ ARTICLE.

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"ASCAP CEO And President Releases Statements On Music Modernization Act"

  • AMEC honoree and ASCAP's CEO, Elizabeth Matthews shares her thoughts on the movement on the modernization act, "After working so hard for so long to update our music licensing laws, we must keep working together to keep the Music Modernization Act moving forward. All parties have had to give and take in order to achieve this consensus legislation that has so far seen widespread, bipartisan support and would help update music licensing laws to improve the future for music creators. We hope the Senate will pass it without delay." READ ARTICLE.
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  • In this article on the progress of the MMA, Elizabeth Matthews is quoted as saying “After a unanimous vote to pass the MMA in the House, we are thrilled to see such ardent, bipartisan support for music creators in the Senate. This legislation is critical to ensuring songwriters have a pathway to fair compensation so they can sustain their livelihoods and create the next great songs... We look forward to the Senate’s vote and eventual passage of the MMA.” READ ARTICLE.
  • ASCAP announced record-high revenues and distributions in 2017. The organization collected approximately $1.144 billion in revenues last year and distributed — for the first time — more than $1.007 billion to its 660,000 songwriter, composer and music publisher members. ASCAP CEO and AMEC's 2008 Technology & New Media Entertainment Counsel Honoreel Elizabeth Matthews commented: “ASCAP is privileged to represent the creators of the world’s best-loved music. ASCAP is securing a strong future for our members by successfully closing key licensing deals and launching innovative digital tools that will enhance the lives of our members and make it easier for licensees to do business with us. Our healthy 2017 financial results are proof positive that we are succeeding in our strategic transformation and our mission to support music creators and music publishers for a sustainable future in the digital economy.” READ ARTICLE.

"Songwriter Groups Reach Compromise With SESAC, Harry Fox Over Music Modernization Act"