• AMEC 2009 International Entertainment Counsel honoree and general counsel at Eros International Media Pvt Ltd, Aamod Gupte was one of the few panelists discussing #NAMApolicy Mumbai: Online Entertainment & Content Regulation. "Aamod Gupte, pointed out that regulation only comes in markets that have matured significantly: “The point boils down to this: how much is your maturity level as an industry? If you step back and look at regulation from a broad perspective — look at regulation at any other sector for a minute. Look at insurance. The moment it comes to a scale and gets mature you’ll have an IRDA that has been set up which was not there many years ago. In real estate you have RERA. But whether you like it or not, there’s a regulator which comes when there is scale and maturity. As an industry, digital media is getting to scale, and there’s a maturity.” (MediaNama) READ ARTICLE.​ 

"#NAMApolicy Mumbai: Online Entertainment Content Regulation"


(2009) International Entertainment Counsel 

General Counsel