• In this article on how the NFL Centennial Celebration will bring money in to its host, Canton, David Baker (AMEC's 2005 Deal Maker of the Year Honoree) says “The Centennial Celebration can have a huge economic impact on the community. We believe it could be much larger than an NFL Draft, and if we keep thinking big, it could rival a Super Bowl.” READ ARTICLE.

"Who's Who Among the Music Industry's Advocates on Capitol Hill"

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"First Sports 'Smart City' Under Construction"

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"NFL Reps Tour Northeast Ohio as Part of Region’s Bid to Host 2019, 2020 NFL Drafts"

  • Pro Football Hall of Fame has an eighteen year project to create the first sports and entertainment “smart” city. The state of the art 700 million development will feature countless amenities such as a luxury hotel, restaurants, stadiums, and museums. There will be several museums such as: the Hall of Fame Museum, National Youth Football & Sports Complex, Black College Football Hall of Fame, the Center for Excellence & more.   READ ARTICLE.
  • David Baker was thrilled to have part of the NFL draft held in Canton. “Today’s a great day, it’s a Draft Day, but what’s really going to count is when we do it here in Canton,” Baker said. Baker said the Hall of Fame looked forward to a great partnership with the Browns that includes bringing the Draft to Canton and Cleveland in 2019 or 2020, and drawing upwards of a quarter-million visitors to Canton.  READ ARTICLE.

(2005) Deal Maker of the Year Honoree

  • “We guard the history of the game right here... When we have this draft it will be the beginning in 2019 of the 100th season for the NFL. There’s only one place where the game began and there’s only one place where that hundredth season can be celebrated: right here in Canton along with our partners, the Cleveland Browns.", said David Baker,  (AMEC's 2005 Deal Maker of the Year Honoree) ​on the subject of bringing the NFL drafts to Northeastern Ohio.  READ ARTICLE.​ 

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"SAG-AFTRA Wants to End Hotel Room Meetings in Bid to Combat Sexual Harassment"